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  • Can I use these songs on my YouTube videos?
  • What's the worst thing that can happen if I use your songs on my content?
    You may get a false claim on youtube, or a "mute" on Twitch. None of these are a real problem for your channel, it's not like a strike. For now this hasn't happened for anyone because again, we verify the songs and test them first. Even if someone gets a claim, we'll remove the song to keep our community safe. Also, because you are using these cool songs, you may get way too famous because of such quality content, and then you have to like handle all the success - it can be difficult.
  • Can I use these songs on my livestreams on Twitch or YouTube?
  • Can I use your songs on videos I made for paying customers?
    Yes, you can literally use them for whatever you like, except for just re-uploading songs or creating "mixes" or compilations (which is re-uploading in another form).
  • Can I take your songs and create lo-fi compilations for youtube?
    No, that would be re-distributing them. We want people to create content and use our songs as background and support, not create content with just our songs.
  • Will I EVER get any copyright issues?
    We verify all tracks we make/commission to make sure they don't get claims before releasing them. There can be false claims though, we can't control that. False claims happen even on paid services like Artlist or Epidemic Sound. Content ID algorithms are flawed and mistakes can happen, or people with malicious intents may go try and steal stuff. Using our songs is as safe as using any of those paid service's songs. If you do have any issues, contact me so that I can send you a legal document to help you resolve the issue. Remember, this is a service created by another streamer/youtuber. I got your back.
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